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by KeithS
05 Sep 2015, 19:06
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Topic: TX 200 HC swap for night vision
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TX 200 HC swap for night vision

I have a TX 200 HC rough around the edges but shoots brilliantly !!! the cocking link rattles but works well and is a cheap and easy fix, it doesn't affect the performance. It's shooting at 10.8 ft lbs with JSB's 4.53 with a spread of 6 ftlbs difference over a crono better than most PCP'S. Comes wit...
by KeithS
10 Apr 2015, 17:02
Forum: Chatterbox & introductions
Topic: Evening all ...
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Evening all ...

Evening all my first post on here, back into airgunning after three year's
absence and have just bought a TX200 in .177 ...