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by kalmantihanyi
17 Nov 2018, 05:30
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Topic: New member looking at night ratting
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Re: New member looking at night ratting

You can check out this scopes to have an idea about different items that may suit you. ... s-reviews/
by kalmantihanyi
12 Nov 2018, 04:02
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Topic: Trouble logging in?
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Re: Trouble logging in?

After the server change i had trouble logging in (or geoff was trying to ban me on the sly again) deleting cookies and browser history seems to have sorrted it now. I had to delete everything related to NVUK before it worked out Just a shout up if you're having issues ......Adam I'm facing the same...
by kalmantihanyi
01 Nov 2018, 04:05
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Topic: hello?
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Re: hello?

hey guys. sedders is back in his own H-O-M-E. soon as I can "pinch off" this season's work, I am looking forward to a couple months *minimum* of... well... YOU know how I get. :wtf: i'm almost fraid to ask "what big things have I missed??? new cameras? new emitters? anything earth shattering? Sedde...
by kalmantihanyi
27 Sep 2018, 05:11
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Topic: Hello
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Re: Hello

I always use same name.. So I'm honest :roll:
by kalmantihanyi
23 Sep 2018, 04:28
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Topic: New on the forum
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Re: New on the forum

Hi Joe, Welcome to the forum :P I'm Kal, also a new member!
by kalmantihanyi
13 Sep 2018, 09:53
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Topic: Newbie
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Hi frnds,
How are you all? Having a good time? I'm kal. Just joined today.

I just love the outdoors. I try to move a lot to see the outdoors and night vision makes it possible to have a great time. That's why I love those devices :ugeek:

Hope we will have a good time.