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by Barrie45
30 Apr 2024, 12:24
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Topic: Clive ward
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Clive ward

Hi all ,Ive been trying to get in touch with Clive for a while now and sent numerous emails and having no replies,i do know he’s had some family issues but if anyone here is friends with him can you get him to contact me please,thanks,Barrie
by Barrie45
09 Mar 2024, 09:25
Forum: Chatterbox & introductions
Topic: Ir on rats
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Ir on rats

Morning all,whilst out last night I noticed that the rats would notice the slight glow on my mates pard 008 that we use as spotter(saves waving the rifle around scanning with the other 008) whilst I’m without a thermal spotter any suggestions on a decent not too expensive aftermarket ir torch would ...
by Barrie45
30 Jan 2023, 22:10
Forum: Chatterbox & introductions
Topic: Hi from cornwall
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Hi from cornwall

Hi all,thanks for allowing me to join ,I’ve been meaning to do it for a few years now as every now and again I come across the forum when looking up night vision info,today I decided to join as I have a problem that I’m hoping some of you could maybe help out with ill stick a post up soon,thanks and...