Pulsar n450 vs ENV 10

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Re: Pulsar n450 vs ENV 10

Post by Cottis » 10 Sep 2019, 12:50

phoenix wrote:
10 Sep 2019, 12:43
The shooting position is much better than with any add-on, but you will almost certainly need something to raise the comb so that you can get a good cheek weld.
I use a short piece of foam pipe lagging sliced lengthwise and held in place with tape - works perfect!!
OK, you spot with thermal, so the best set up for the scope is to have it switched on and the IR at full power, but with "sleep" mode enabled with a brief press of the on/off button.
This switches off the IR and the screen to reduce power consumption.
Another brief press of the on/off button immediately switches the IR and the screen back on ready for the shot.
There is a battery indicator on the display screen which continually shows the state of the battery.
When the battery indicator box turns red, you switch off and change the battery - simples
if you let the battery run down to the point where the scope switches it self off, you may need to reinstall the firmware.
However, this does NOT happen with the 008LRF.


I like the idea of pipe foam. I would probably attach it with bale twine in order to maintain respect from the locals

Ahhh ok, so it instantly goes from sleep to operational and whilst asleep it is not using power (or not much) Ok, that is good.

The LRF version is not necessary for me. I know our land like the back of my hand and will not take any shot over 200yds at night off sticks. It is point and shoot out to those ranges, so no need to complicate matters with an RF

Thanks for your patient explanations.

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Re: Pulsar n450 vs ENV 10

Post by Bob57 » 10 Sep 2019, 12:59

Spot the fox with the thermal, set sticks, put rifle on sticks and push "on" button, as soon as you see the glow from ocular push ir button ,hold till you hear a clunk then 2 more pushes on ir button to set it on ir 2, find fox, shoot, simple,(well ok, not allways :lol: )
sounds like that takes a bit of time but it doesn't, it's a piece of pish, and no need to use sleep mode using battery life!!

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