Ns50 cannot focus

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Fat squirrel
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Ns50 cannot focus

Post by Fat squirrel » 13 Jan 2020, 06:29

Hi can anyone help me , my ns50 will not focus more than a few inches, nitesite said they cannot help as they lost the ns parts in a fire,battery seems fine I get a picture but I cannot focus I’ve tried unscrewing the camera in and out but still only picture within a few inches,in fact the camera came all the way out with the spring attached,,

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some bloke
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Re: Ns50 cannot focus

Post by some bloke » 13 Jan 2020, 11:38

Hi, welcome to the forum. I've never looked inside a NS rig so can't help a lot. Do you mean the lens has dropped out of the camera neck - complete with a spring?

It sounds to me like the focal distance between the lens and camera sensor has had an argument. In general moving a lens further away from the camera sensor makes it focus closer - this is backed up by it eventually falling out.

My advice is get into the camera housing and get the lens screwed back in till it comes back into focus - which means screw it in quite a way, you may find it better to try that without the spring: assuming the spring you write about is there to tension the lens against flopping about - maybe that has caused the very fine M12x0.5 threads to strip if its a board camera lens (I did say I have never personally seen whats inside any of the actual live housings)

EDIT: You can search this group for NS50 posts till you find a post that helps - this is one of the search results I found. Seems the thread in the camera housing of this one wore out too. There is also verbal advice about upgrading your camera (with a new E700 camera and casing that has a metal thread in its neck):


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Re: Ns50 cannot focus

Post by blueeyes » 13 Jan 2020, 12:35

As Dave says better upgrading to the Sure E700 KPC camera , and as far as I know its an easy job :thumbup: PS sent you a PM

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