night vision store contact

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night vision store contact

Post by jimg72 » 17 Jan 2020, 20:01

Hi everyone.
I have bought from night vision store black sun dark engine laser illuminator. Unfortunately the item does not work at all .
I have send 1 message asking for details what to do via they website the same day as torch arrived 2 weeks ago and 2 message to email supplied as a contact.
After two weeks nobody answer me and I'm afraid I have spend money for faulty item without chance for repair or replacement because seller ignore me.
Does anyone any idea what I should do ?
I'm sorry for my not perfect English. I hope it will be better

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Re: night vision store contact

Post by Ranger22 » 17 Jan 2020, 21:26

PM Clive Ward on here but don't hold your breath

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Re: night vision store contact

Post by jthyttin » 20 Jan 2020, 08:38

Just to make sure, how have you come to the conclusion it doesn't work? I.e. Covert 940nm version would not show up on tube based devices and it's not a flaw.

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Re: night vision store contact

Post by Kevgun » 21 Jan 2020, 08:34

If you paid by Credit card, you can do a claim back, he should answer your questions, although i purchased a Thermal Scope from him, i wouldn't ever buy another thing from Clive or recommend him to any body else because of the embarrassment it causes, i don't think he means to do it, it's just how he is, he sells some good stuff but there is no point in buying it if you don't receive the back up, someone swear by him, some people swear at him, that's how he is.
I was on a stand at the Northern shooting show last year, helping demo stuff and this guy wanted to look through a thermal that we had on the stand
some ATN thingy, he said he'd already got a thermal, asked what and he said a WT1 75 3 so i said why would you want to down grade?? i explained that i'd bought one from Clive and it was faulty, but after another 5 months it was replaced and my second one is fine, but the whole saga was very frustrating. But this Bloke unloaded a tirade of abuse at me about Clive, I said hold on i don't have anything do to with Clive, but he wasn't having any of it and said we are all the same, take your money and run. Take it up with Clive was my advise, he said i'm trying to but he won't answer my emails or messages left.

So that is why i wouldn't deal with Clive again because it's a very frustrating experience and life's too short.

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Re: night vision store contact

Post by cliveward » 21 Jan 2020, 11:34

Hi All,

We didn't start back 'proper' until the 6th and had a lot of catching up to do (and we still do).

I had been in touch with the OP and made some suggestions, regarding battery, etc. because the IR would have been working perfectly when it left here (everything is tested). I've also said if the suggestions don't work then he can get it back to us and it will be sorted. I've not heard anything back from the OP so I can assume it's working. :?

Trust me, when stuff has a fault it's just as frustrating for us as it is the customer, especially something like a thermal rifle scope. Particularly if it needs to go back to the factory, because then it's beyond our control. This isn't something peculiar to us either. Giant companies like FLIR and Pulsar have the same issues when things need to get back to the factory, or replaced when demand is outstripping supply, with much longer times to rectification than we manage to achieve.

That's one of the benefits of the new T-Ceptor thermals. We make them here in the UK so there is no need for any factory returns. :thumbup:



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Re: night vision store contact

Post by jimg72 » 13 Feb 2020, 22:17

Hi . Thank you all for response. Clive contact with me shortly. Problem is solved.
There was something with the switcher , nothing difficult to repair.

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