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Post by angler » 28 Sep 2022, 07:15

Hi guys.
I joined looking for information on the subject of night vision. I recently bought Pard 007s and now I am looking for a good optic to use with.
I have been foxing for 6 years and doing some f-class shooting for 4 years.
Thanks for letting me join the forum.

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Re: Introduction

Post by phoenix » 28 Sep 2022, 08:50

Some things to bear in mind when choosing a scope (god how I hate that american word optic!!!) that will work well with the PARD 007
1. The scope should have side focus or AO down to less than 10 yards (this is needed otherwise you will not get a focussed image on the PARD when using IR)
2. Bigger objectives let in more light so 44mm or bigger is good with 50mm even better
3. Base magnification of x4 or less and highest magnification of not more than 20. Don't bother with any x5-25, x6-24 or x8-32 scopes. The PARD magnifies the image in the reticle by around x1.3 so multiplies whatever magnification the scope is set at by 1.3
Field of view is far more important than magnification and in darkness, the narrow field of view produced by high scope magnifications is a complete PITA
4. IR friendly lens coatings. Some scopes, notably high end German glass such as Swaro, Zeiss and S&B use lens coatings which do not pass IR well because those coatings are optimised for blue light which predominates at dawn and dusk

Scope brands known to work well with the PARD include (but not limited to):
Delta Optical - the Delta Titanium HD 2.5-15x56 is generally regarded as about the best scope for both the PARD and normal daytime use
Sightron - S Tac 4-20x50
Hawke - most models, with the Sidewinders being popular
Athlon - Midas HMR 2.5-15x50
Meopta - Optika 5 and Optika 6 models
MTC and Optisan are good for NV abut not great in daylight
Stay away from Vortex - they just don't seem to work well with the PARD
The PARD onboard IR should allow you to see targets well enough to shoot out to around 150 yards in clear conditions. Beyond that you'll probably need an external IR illuminator
Buy spare batteries and take a couple of fully charged spares in a plastic box with you when you go out with the PARD, because the battery will only last an hour or so with the IR on full power
Most people use the sleep function on the PARD to maximise battery life
A short press of the power button shuts down the IR and the display, and a further short press immediately brings them bot back on again



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Re: Introduction

Post by angler » 28 Sep 2022, 09:16

Tnx for the info Bruce.
At moment I did mount Pard on Discovery HI 5-20X50. That is the scope I have that have have side focus. 5x magnification is to much and a fiel of view is a bit tight for field survey.
But it can be used as a video shows
I have plenty of battery backup because I hunt predators with Olight M3XS-UT Javelot and that flash light is quite a battery drain.
Thanks a lot for the scope suggestions.

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