Ir on rats

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Ir on rats

Post by Barrie45 » 09 Mar 2024, 09:25

Morning all,whilst out last night I noticed that the rats would notice the slight glow on my mates pard 008 that we use as spotter(saves waving the rifle around scanning with the other 008) whilst I’m without a thermal spotter any suggestions on a decent not too expensive aftermarket ir torch would be good,I’ve also noticed the rabbits also take flight sometimes with the onboard one,thanks in advance.

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Re: Ir on rats

Post by angrybear » 12 Mar 2024, 11:30

Wardy/night vision store does a pretty cheap 940nm, around £50 last time I looked, I've had one for 3-4 years super bit of kit.

Don't do it, but if you were to look straight at an 850nm it's a bright red glow, which the prey can see, you don't get that with 940nm

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Re: Ir on rats

Post by blueeyes » 19 Mar 2024, 20:06

Its not so much the glow they are wary of its the movement, they will eventually wise up to the 940 as we did all this in the past for rats and rabbits , we eventually started using a IR flood for security on a stand and concentrated it on the area we shot , if the farmer is ok with it you can put it on a timer to come on at night when no one is about and that way they get used to it as its static and not moving , the one draw back we found was eyeshine so if you can try and place the lamp where you will be shooting from , as for the rabbits they will suss out the 940 as well better thermal spot then line up IR on and shoot HTH

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Re: Ir on rats

Post by thom0839 » 02 Apr 2024, 02:08

Definitely good

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