Introduction / Putting a HikMicro Stellar SH50 on a break barrel rifle?

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Introduction / Putting a HikMicro Stellar SH50 on a break barrel rifle?

Post by Lee9 » 22 May 2024, 23:06

Hi all, Lee here. I'm a brit living in Portugal. I've recently got into using air guns and I'm currently using a Gamo Magnum. It's different laws here so I have it in 22 calibre with the full power without any license or anything, just buy it over the counter in a gun shop -

We've been having a huge amount of fun being out with the Gamo during daylight, it's been superb for hunting around our land here. I live in the algarve but I'm 30 miles inland... I'm in the middle of wilderness and my house backs onto 10km+ of forrest. There are pigs, rabbits, everything around. Free food everywhere really.

My day job is boring, it ties me to my desk. Getting out hunting has been amazing for us recently, something to do outdoors and way better for me physically and mentally too :) I'm not going to get bored of doing this so its time to upgrade a bit. I was sorely tempted to buy an Fx Impact M3 - with the laws here I can buy that in 22 and firing 40gr slugs. But I think my budget for right now is better spent on a thermal scope, which is why I am here right now :lol:

A month ago I didn't know anything about thermal scopes at all. Since then I've been spending a lot of my spare time researching it on Youtube. There is a gun shop 15mins drive from me who are a supplier of HikMikro. I'd far rather use a local supplier than buy online given my complete lack of experience or understanding in what im doing here, so I've restricted my research to hikmikro with the intention of buying locally.

This is at the other end of the country to me but I assume this will be the same price wise - ... x-288.html

Would it be a good idea to put this scope on my Gamo? It sounds like a good idea to me but I've absolutely no idea what I'm talking about so I thought I should get some expert advice before I tried it :D


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Re: Introduction / Putting a HikMicro Stellar SH50 on a break barrel rifle?

Post by NTSOG » 08 Jun 2024, 22:50

G'day Lee,

I have many quite powerful break-barrel or springer air rifles where I live in Australia, but take great care about what scopes and mounts I use. I would be very worried about mounting an expensive thermal scope on any springer, let alone a more powerful one. Some years ago I had a FeinWerkBau [FWB] 127 in .22. It was shooting under 12 ft. pds. I mounted a new Bushnell Banner scope on it. The Banner scope was supposedly rated for the shock of springer air rifles. The scope shook apart internally after 3 shots.

Perhaps Bruce [phoenix] would be best able to comment about the internal strength of modern thermal scopes and their capacity to cope with the double shock caused when powerful springers fire.

I would not mount any electronic scope on a springer. I would find a conventional way to illuminate targets at night with a torch mounted on top of a day scope.


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Re: Introduction / Putting a HikMicro Stellar SH50 on a break barrel rifle?

Post by some bloke » 09 Jun 2024, 09:32

That's my thinking too. Springers generally have too much recoil shock both ways for electronics to surve in my opinion.

Get yourself a pcp air rifle and fill bottle if you don't have an FAC. They are also generally quieter too.

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