Wow, does this cut wood or what

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Re: Wow, does this cut wood or what

Post by rodp » 30 May 2018, 15:46

hairyyoda wrote:
28 May 2018, 17:47
rodp wrote:
15 Jul 2017, 11:58
so took a chance on an old Husky 181se that was supposed to have led a sheltered life. Fired it up today and boy does this cut :thumbup:

One happy little lumberjack now :lol:
Do you want any more old Husqvarna chainsaws Rod :?: :idea: :think: there was a 266 with heated handle in a car boot sale this morning, think that it was the SE model, probably could have bought it for £35.00 i'sh. Compression was not brilliant but it was complete but looking dirty and uncared for :?: The owner wanted £50.00 as his starting price :?:
Same guy is bringing me some Britool spanners next week, can get it for you if it is still available :?:

Cheers Phil but no mate, got enough for what I do now. Cutting the Silver Birch down was excuse enough to buy the Husky, now there's only a bit of trimming now and then around the shoot.
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