Maplins going under?

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Silent Shooter
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Re: Maplins going under?

Post by Silent Shooter » 26 Mar 2018, 16:14

Had a Good mouch in our local store yesterday (a big store) must say I came away very pleased with myself having brought quite a lot total saving of just over 40% on the bill,a couple of the staff in the store have been with them for a good few years and I will miss there knowledge in CCTV etc.


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Re: Maplins going under?

Post by hairyyoda » 02 Apr 2018, 15:47

Called in their Llanelli branch today, discount prices running between 40% to 50% :thumbup: probably be all finished and closed in two or three weeks.


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Re: Maplins going under?

Post by snipertez » 03 Apr 2018, 12:28

As of last wkend, my lads been told he could have as much as another 8wks before closure. They're still stocking the shop from their warehouse ?

Got told exactly the same as that by the Reading manager yesterday.

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