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NIG to the forum

Posted: 07 Jan 2019, 21:17
by exjacket
Hi all new to the forum. I'm in the Boston area have a bit of land to shoot on plus a permission on the other side of the a disabled shooter lost left leg but can't wear a normal prosthitc have a frame I kneel on, only problem is it squeaks like hell so stalking is out of the question. Most of my shooting is done from a blind buy our stables or throuh slits I cut in the stable walls (just like staging on again) Hope to get some great tips on here thanks for letting me join.

Re: NIG to the forum

Posted: 08 Jan 2019, 07:54
by blueeyes
hello and a big welcome to the forum , plenty of info and tips for you here :thumbup:

Re: NIG to the forum

Posted: 08 Jan 2019, 10:29
by exjacket
Cheers Blueeyes looking forward to some help and tips in future. looks a great site plenty of knowledge on here.

Re: NIG to the forum

Posted: 08 Jan 2019, 14:29
by some bloke
Hiya, welcome to the forum mate.

You'll come across two types of rifle shooting position night vision rigs as you spend a few days perusing the forum, and hopefully find something that might be just up your street. Near eye and heads up - if you like. :angel:

Not being able to lug gear around myself these days (only breathing issues mind) I can only begin to imagine some of the issues you would experience. One of them would be your kneeling or seated stance and forestock support. Do you shoot a rested rifle for example? bipod, conveniently placed length of 3x2 maybe?

I personally find the drivers door mirror bracket makes for a seriously good stable easily accessed powered steerable benchrest because the entire body is totally relaxed in a resting stance - with even my shoulder stabilised by hanging my elbow out the window and shoulder against the back of the window frame. Some petrol engined 4WD can get you around very quietly, and can be quite covert with the moonlight reflecting front number plate covered up.

This was done in the car driving seat for example:
As was this - red light spotter lamping:

This fully supported stance also allows you to choose between ducking your head down to view through a scope - or use a night vision rig where you can see a small screen on top of your scope with your head up. I also find my X-Trail sunroof is seriously handy - facing rearwards in the rear footwell sat on the tops of the front seatbacks with a bipod - maybe with a spotter that a friend and I can watch like this.


Being disabled doesn't have to mean you cannot get around your land is what I'm trying to express - and there's always good old lamping with just a torch on the scope. :angel: .

Re: NIG to the forum

Posted: 10 Jan 2019, 16:33
by exjacket
Hi some bloke thanks for the reply nice to have someone that is like minded.

Yep it's a bit hard to do much with the frame I use as it straps to my upper thigh and around the back of my bent knee and is totally ridged. To lay pro I have to take it off and lay it next to me so I'm restricted to moving once I'm down, but using a bipod that rotates is useful. I have a bit of land myself nearly 2 acres, give or take and I have at certain points around it fixed some branches we cut down last year to the tress and use them as supports at points I know I have rabbit runs. I try and keep a good 25 to 30 yards away from them and have put them in different places to allow for wind, not mine, the weather.
I shoot at night with a head up at present but it's a bit cumbersome and gives of too much light even with 4 layers of reed filter on it anymore and the reticules disappear. I'm looking at getting the NV008 now and taking my viper pro off to put on another rifle at a later date if Im allowed another that is.

I have a neighbour that breeds parrots so I do a fair bit of ratting for him around the pens as there is always loads of food on the deck. Im only shooting with 12ftlb at present and I don't think I would get a FAC as it stands right now due to the way the doctors put you in a particular box if you have problems, they seem to find it so easy to say everyone is depressed to cover loads of bloody things , one of em being frustrated at not being able to walk like I used too. But hey shit happen could of been worse I could of been RAF reg.

Keep shooting straight mate

Re: NIG to the forum

Posted: 10 Jan 2019, 17:16
by some bloke
Best of luck with your continued shooting, sounds like you have found the ways to adapt OK.

This might help with the face glare - its much better than red gel filter. ... 0730139041

All my rigs have had this fitted between the screen and housing frame for the last few months and its made a vast difference.

Re: NIG to the forum

Posted: 10 Jan 2019, 19:27
by jeffo
welcome aboard lots of knowledgeable people on here