New boy lol

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New boy lol

Post by Bmwconvert » 15 Jan 2019, 19:47

New to your community so just thought I'd say hello , I'm Simon shooter of plus thirty years , primarily rifles but also some game shooting and of course pigeons . Various calibres over the years everything from air rifles right up to big calibre centre fires , night vision is my current fascination so I thought I'd come to the wise and enligthened for guidance :mrgreen:
Thanks simon

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some bloke
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Re: New boy lol

Post by some bloke » 16 Jan 2019, 02:21

Hi Simon, welcome to the forum mate.

Get comfy 'cos there's a whole lot of historical information to be found on here way back to when some of us were using plywood, car exhaust pipes, gaffar tape and velcro. 8-)

Paul Cat
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Re: New boy lol

Post by Paul Cat » 16 Jan 2019, 13:28

some bloke wrote:
16 Jan 2019, 02:21
... plywood, car exhaust pipes, gaffar tape and velcro. 8-)

Sounds like my dating kit.

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