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Post by Zulu5Oscar » 29 Jan 2019, 12:16

Greetings to all!
Thanks for the great forum!
I spent a lot of time reading guides about the DIY NV devices.
Later, I made a test bench and compared different cameras and sensors in the same conditions, of course, these were not scientific tests. :lol:
I made a couple of spotters, like this one,
but now I have a new hobby rather close to night vision - video recording of meteors -
I still have a number of modules, cameras and lenses, which I would like to clear out.
Among them are unique cameras that have never been mentioned on this forum.

# I apologize for the errors, English is not my native language.

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Post by some bloke » 29 Jan 2019, 13:08

Hiya, welcome to the forum Zo. Nice spotter. :angel:

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