UK & USA friends?

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UK & USA friends?

Post by Stephenhathway » 23 Feb 2019, 10:50

Just how friendly is the connection between UK and USA? Not very when it comes to the night vision world it seems. ITAR or the morons that read it .you can’t ship a neck cord because it’s a weapon lol, so we can’t buy 10mm bolts because they are used on a Abrams tank.
Shake ya head America and look at the brain damaged folks you allow to carry arms in your home land

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Re: UK & USA friends?

Post by angrybear » 25 Feb 2019, 14:38

It does seem utterly stupid at times, I've got a competition electronics Pro-Chrono digital chronoscope I wanted the PC interface to hook it up to a computer.
They declined to supply one because the chrono does not have CE certification, I pointed out that I already have it, use it & will continue to use it, I just want the interface, no they wouldn't sell me one, so I bought one off ebay it just cost me a bit more.

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