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Post by Petermcmullon » 27 Sep 2021, 11:35

Hi all
I am new to this forum.
I have a PARD 008 LRF which i in the main use to shoot rats. I have owned one for well over a year and recently put it in part exchange for a brand new one. I guess what i am saying here is that I am use to using and setting one up. With my new one I returned it a week after I had bought it due to a problem. However its replacement is having the same issue. I am wondering if an forum members have experienced anything similar. So here is the problem:-

Set the PARD up and zero it. Mine is cross hairs on at 25 yards with an X axis of 34 and Y Axis of 18. Spend time shooting with good results and put the gun away.
Next time I use it, which may be 3 hours or 3 days time, sometimes, not always one or both of the AXIS measurements have changed. For example today I went to use it first thing and the Y Axis had gone from 18 to 16. I readjusted to 18 and left it for several hours. When I went back it had changed again to 16. At first i thought i had done something wrong or was imagining it. So each time i used it, I made a note before shutting down exactly what the measurements were. I wasn't imagining it.
Any members have any thoughts on this
thanks in anticipation

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