Help needed

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Help needed

Post by diggerdave777 » 11 Nov 2021, 18:03

I have shot for many years, but only recently tried night vision. I now have a sightmark 4k scope with a wicked lights IR illuminator.
I'm very disappointed with the results of this combination. Using the 4k with the original sightmark illuminator gives better results.
Can anyone explain this and what illuminator would give better results and why

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Re: Help needed

Post by sunndog » 11 Nov 2021, 18:16

Is the wicked lights a laser or led?

The current top illuminators are ludicrous lumens wraith, sirius from i.r light builds and some manner of dark engine from nightvision store
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Re: Help needed

Post by jeffo » 12 Nov 2021, 03:25

I use the sirus xtl and you can see a lot further than you will ever shoot, but it is good as you can see your back stop, don't know if that's any help.

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Re: Help needed

Post by Kevgun » 16 Nov 2021, 06:35

+ 1 for the Sirius XTL from Irlightbuilds I also have a ATN 4K on my .30 cal air rifle and it doe need a huge amount of IR light to wake it up
My mate has a pest control business, so sometimes I'm asked to help out and the .30 cal FAC Air rifle with the ATN 4k +ABL unit once setup is very good indeed for first shot kills, I have shot from 23yards out to 122 yards just by ranging , steady aim then fire, all straight on the head, its a bit tricky setting it all up, but once your there it works a treat.

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