What is your preferred charity?

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Please choose one of the following charities for future forum donations.

Poll ended at 19 Jan 2014, 15:47

Help For Heroes
Cancer Research UK
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Re: What is your preferred charity?

Post by bobjs » 04 Dec 2014, 12:39

Hi George

It has to be LUPUS, as my young daughter has it so we now raise as much for the charity as I can with odd things, I sometimes post an item to sell and the buyer posts a donation to the LUPUS site,

but out of the 2 you have mentioned for me cancer research wins hands down

H$H have over 140 million in the bank and property so I thing they are well looked after plus they don't look after veterans like myself.

known by many. liked by some. hated by a few.what would you do,who cares lets get out shooting
WARNING: LUPUS IS A KILLER, lets support them in the need to find out what it is, what causes it and how do we defeat it.


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Re: What is your preferred charity?

Post by richgas » 09 Mar 2015, 09:25

So I understand, Cancer researches top executive gets more than the PM. £150,000. Also they only look at big pharmas drugs and dismisses any other cancer remedy.
I know of two people who have totally beaten cancer using just natural remedies.

They would not be getting my vote.

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Re: What is your preferred charity?

Post by rapid7008500 » 09 Mar 2015, 12:44

Walking with the Wounded is a great charity too.

We, on the Theoben forum, used to be a contributor to 'Help for Heroes' but I believe they said that they didn't want to be associated with a 'Gun Forum'. Very disappointing. Started with the right intentions but seems to have lost it's way somewhat. IMHO

My vote would be for the Cancer Charity as we all know someone, don't we :(



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Re: What is your preferred charity?

Post by sedstar » 12 Apr 2017, 19:30

whats the "help heroes" charity? we have a "wounded warrior" project here in the states? its a thingy where they will, like, buy a wheelchair and put a wheelchair ramp in for some poor sod who got his legs blown off by a land mine serving in the sandbox....

i was in the service when young (peacetime, though) so, if its a verteran thngy, i vote for that...

course i aint never hear dof a veteran charity that was anti gun, might not be what i figure it is.... in which case ignore me...

i just like to help poor bastards gave up a leg or an arm fighting for their country. revolutionary war and war of 1812 aside? (which is ancient history) the UK and america? our boys died side by side in 2 world wars, helping either side's vets out, is helping both, in my book...
Well, I understand that, boys... but see, my CAT gets the silly idea you're making fun of HIM... then he gets, *really* mean...

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