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goodby to the 6mmbr....shame.

Posted: 14 Apr 2018, 07:42
by bobjs
clearing out the cabinet as i have lost interest in long range shooting/and not stalking much anymore. and keeping the 2 x 20 tacs,

Right handed tikka 595 in 6mmbr, i purchased it with just 84 rounds fired with it's then new barrel. and it produced a .174"/ 5 shot group @ 100 yards using 85 grain speer bullets with a bc of .404. so deer fully deer legal.

since i have had it,it's only been used on roe,munty and fox, with the odd trip out on the corn stubble. the calibre here is deer legal with the correct bullet weight and its current barrel length, but make sure you know what is needed from the rifle before using it stalking under your police force's outlook on rules.

total round count now is below 500.

rifle was built by neil Mckillop 'one of the best rifle builders out there' so it's a shooter all right.

the barrel is a pac nor 5 grove 1/9 twist on a number 3 profile. stainless.

barrel length 24"

barrel thread is a 1/2" unf thread ( no protector as it's never had one).

the trigger has been crisped to break at just below 2Lbs,

the rifle has a nice used but not abused walnut stock, (un bedded)

nice round ball fitted to the bolt for smoother bolt use but can be changed back to a normal bolt handle,

the rifle had a soft eject when i got it and as i don't rush my shooting it's still the same, means you don't loose the brass .

so here goes,

1,Bare rifle with a 3 shot mag, £650.00

2,extras are below.

free camo rifle slip.
spare metal 5 shot. £60
100 new lapua brass £70 these are in 2 50 round lapua box's.
tikka blued 1" optiloc rings and basses, £90.
ase .25 s5 mod in stainless, £150.seen less shots than the barrel has.
smart case trimmer 6mmbr £25 plus post would like this to go with the rifle.

OR £1090.00 FOR THE LOT SHIPPED, I would post the loose items and rfd the rifle and mod to your rfd.

3, also there is a zeiss 4/14/44 used on a few rifles but is in good order, i think i have a untidy box somewhere for it and bikini covers,it has a couple of funny marks on the front objective but does not effect the scope from working as it should and did not effect it being used with a pvs 14 gen three add on,
it's for grabs at £450,posted or £425 posted if purchased with the rifle.


The rifle can be fired here at highclere castle estate and any inspection of the bore/chamber is more than welcome.

I would rather the rifle be collected but as stated above in the cost's.

If your interested in the complete setup let me know,

Any questions please ask,



ps: rifle is sold as above with no come backs far to many tinkerers out there.

Re: goodby to the 6mmbr....shame.

Posted: 16 Apr 2018, 15:19
by bobjs
spare 3 shot mag sold to a mate

price is dropped as per this,