PVS-7, Omni 7/8 (Gen 4+) Night Vision Goggles For Sale

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PVS-7, Omni 7/8 (Gen 4+) Night Vision Goggles For Sale

Post by StephenJS » 25 Nov 2018, 16:58

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I have for sale an amazing set of PVS-7 Night Vision Goggles complete with an MX-10130D/UV autogated image intensifier. i.e. Gen 4+ Technology or to be more accurate Omni VII+ tech. Powered by 2x AA Batteries, the PVS-7 frame is the ‘robust’ tool of choice for Sea and Land Activities.
The Image Intensifier Tube shows two (2) small spots both of which are highlighted in the pictures.

Technical Data

The following data is printed on the tube:
Tube No: MX-10130D/UV
Contract No: W912Q-05-D-0821
ID No: 80063-A3297300
Cage No: 13567
Warranty Exp: MAR 11

If you go to this webpage it should be able to help:
https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/US_O ... 18-317705/

Important elements to note:

The AR-15 Webpage Table
Please Note: The AR-15 Webpage table is in fact four (4) tables. i.e. Omni I to Omni VIII – Comparison of approximate specification, TUBE DATA – Details of tubes and typical platform, IIT Data – ITT and Litton /NGEOS Tube Data. Each table needs to be read independently and not thought of as continuing/comparable tables.
Furthermore the tables are based on the author’s available data at the time. I.e. The Data in Table ” Omni I to Omni VIII – Comparison of approximate specification” covers the time period and Omni evolution, 1982 (Omni I)to 2010 (Omni VIII). Whereas Table “TUBE DATA – Details of tubes and typical platform” only covers from Omni I to Omni V i.e. 1982 to 1999.

Cage No:
13567 – This is the manufacturer ITT – If you check the US Federal records it says ‘Exelis Inc’ which was part of ‘ITT’ until it was acquired by the ‘Harris Corporation’ in 2015.

Warranty Expiry:
The Warranty expiry stated on the tube is March 2011. The contract requirement for Department of Defence (DoD) contract W9124Q-05-0821 is 2 Years. So this tube was delivered to the DoD during March 2009.

Contract No:
W9124Q-05-0821 is described as an “Indefinite Delivery Contract” for all forms of Night Vision Equipment with some 23 Sub-Contracts since 2007 to Today. Covering PVS-14s, PVS-7s, Etc, Etc.

NSN Number:
National Stock Number 5855-01-504-4589 first assigned on the 29th January 2003

“Image Intensifier Tube, Night Vision”. And categories a particular type of image intensifier. i.e. “A precision electro-optical component that amplifies weak optical images by converting them into streams of corresponding electrons whose numbers are, in turn, multiplied many times and then are converted back into much stronger visible light images. It is a sealed unit used in a variety of NIGHT VISION DEVICEs to provide observer with a greatly enhanced visual ability despite very low ambient light conditions. Excludes DETECTOR, LIGHT INTENSITY.”.

The NSN number does not change as newer more advanced tubes of the category are released. When this NSN Number was originally assigned in 2003, the MX-10130 Tube was in its “d’” (MX-10130d) configuration that was an Omni 4/5 i.e. Late Gen3, early Gen 4.

By March 2009 when this tube was manufactured the tube had evolved to MX-10130D/UV. Which is Omni 7/8. i.e. Gen 4+

I hope that helps.

£ 2,000 o.v.n.o

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Re: PVS-7, Omni 7/8 (Gen 4+) Night Vision Goggles For Sale

Post by rias » 28 Dec 2018, 13:24

Still for sale?
If so, I would like some pictures through the tube please :)

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