MTC threaded scope adaptors (for E700 cameras only) clearance

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MTC threaded scope adaptors (for E700 cameras only) clearance

Post by some bloke » 29 Nov 2018, 15:38

These E700 DSA's are made to screw into the ocular lens adjusters of MTC and SOME Hawke rifle scopes. (They only fit Hawke Varmint SF, Panorama EV and Nite-Eye Digi) Other Hawke scopes apparently have different thread specifications.

The scope camera adaptors have extended threads so that if a very hard knock damages them, the front of the tube can be faced back a little to reach fresh threading. :angel:

A video imparts more than text and photo's can so have a quick look at the one below. The first part of the video, forming the tube from solid Acetal bar has been edited out. It starts with the last production stages in a CNC lathe that cost about £40K. I'm totally amazed at how they can program which part of the rotation starts each of the 7 cuts of the thread so they don't mash up! :o

Note how I wasn't being dainty about handling the scope weighted with the one piece mount, with the adaptor fitted - I was very surprised at how strong those fine threads are. 8-)


Observe how the friction fit rear component can be slid along the tube to adust eye relief (Distance of the camera lens to the scope lens) and this also allows the rear part to be rotated to align the crosshair whilst keeping the tube fully screwed into the scope.


I recommend the cabling be wrapped around the camera at least once before its fed out of it through the slot. I personally use hot melt
glue to retain it to the camera backplate and also build it up of late so the screwcap holds it into the holder against recoil.


I have six left to clear at £26 posted RMSD each. I will not be having any more made.
The original price was £40 posted RMSD: ... 9&p=119860
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Re: MTC threaded scope adaptors (for E700 cameras only) clearance

Post by bavarianbrit » 30 Nov 2018, 13:52

Good luck in your retirement, you have made a big contribution to the knowledge of NV to me & lots of others.

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