Raptor M646 Gen III Dedicated Night Vision Scope

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Raptor M646 Gen III Dedicated Night Vision Scope

Post by foxshooter » 22 Jan 2019, 20:07

I've decided to part with my Raptor M646 Gen III dedicated night vision scope as I've hardly used it in two or three years (I've got other NV kit too).

This is a lovely piece of kit that was originally designed for use by the military. As a result, it is VERY heavily-built, weighing nearly six pounds. The optics on it are awesome, and it has a x6 magnification, making it ideal for foxes, wild boar, etc. In fact they are so good, and its enormous objective lens has such good light-gathering properties, that much of the time there is no need for extra IR illumination.

It is fitted with quick-detachable mounts, so it can be removed in moments.

It has manually-controllable brightness on the Mil-Dot reticle.

It takes two AA batteries.

There is a tiny chip in the front lens, but it has never once interfered with my use of it.

Price: £1,895

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