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Brass, bullets dies and primers.

Posted: 07 Dec 2020, 19:23
by bobjs
50 x new lapua 6mm br brass in the lapua box £50, posted.

Redding almost new 6mmbr 3 die set, shell holder and Allen key boxed, lee and one other 6mm br case trimmer, £110 posted

the 20 tac brass i have has been in the workshop for a while and is as follows/could do with a short blast in the US cleaner all sized trimmed and ready for fire forming in your 20 tactical. 264 total the break down is below, sell all together £100. posted snail mail.

hornady 223 sized for 20 tac, x 89
R. P. as above x 175

6lb of benchmark all the same lot: £200 collection only

800 x 40 gr hornady 20 cal v max £160 collected. Would cost about £20 to post ?

950 x cci 400 small rifle primers £30 collected,

500 x eley action 22lr sub sonics £30, collected, sealed case. Solid tip for targets

480 x win subs hollow points 22lr £35 collected. Open pack.


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