Night vision hard work

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Re: Night vision hard work

Post by Stephenhathway » 05 Apr 2019, 15:30

Cheers my friend . Take it easy and thanks again

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Re: Night vision hard work

Post by superdry » 08 Apr 2019, 12:36

You obviously know what your talking about and have your mind set on a tube that will perform "as good as it gets". I've had lots of tubed kit and a hell of a lot of them have been pvs 14 tubes. My take on mx11769 IITs milspec or commercial is, I've never seen one in an undamaged state, that doesn't perform extremely well. I'm talking single numbers performance % improvement from worst to best.
My favourite tubes that I've had are firstly a mini 14 with a photonis xx1441 shp ( down flow) tube from Carl Moore, it cost £2300 and was fantastic. If that was the only nv I could have, with the experience I've had, I'd be extremely happy with it. Unfortunately it just fed my want for even better kit, so I paid an arm and leg for a mini 14 with an XR5 tube. The XR5 was high spec and performed superbly, but how could it be that it really didn't outperform my much cheaper SHP tube from Carl. My search for the holy grail continued.
My second favourite tube is a Litton mx11769 omni vi ( I got from flex) I don't think it was the absolute best I've seen, but it was really good and had the auto gating whine ( that noise made you feel good) it also made a little higher pitched noise when I switched it on, almost like a little hello, to be honest it's that little noise that made it memorable to me.
Third favourite would be a set of avs9's with matching pinny 10160 c tubes, absolutely spotless and bright ( supplied by flex in a swap for two new 11769 tubes I had) I would say they where the best performing tubes I've ever had, but I hardly used them and sold them on.
Fourth favourite is the pvs14 mx11769u/v kit I have now, it works as well as anything I've ever had, has a tiny spec on it, but I wouldn't swap it for anything.
I think I'm saying you don't have to get that top top top spec unit your coveting to enjoy the night time activitys you mentioned, I challenge anyone to tell an auto gating tube from non auto gating just by image, you won't know the difference between absolute best and pretty good, maybe you'd convince yourself that you could tell which was best if you held them side by side, but out in the field you'd get equal performance, in my opinion.
You don't need life or death stealth, so why not use an average tube with a harmless eye safe illuminator, you'd see into shadows that you won't with even the best tube.

Good luck with your search, but I think if you do get that absolute spec tube, which will be expensive, after a time you'll just maybe think, I don't know why I fussed so much.

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