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Post by Katluke » 25 Aug 2018, 21:54

Been lurking for a bit reading up on stuff and decided to buy an addonight this week to go on one of my Rapids for rabbit/rat control instead of lamping them. Not gone as easy as I thought,no joy with unit on SWFA and Nikko Sterling Target Master,I got it to work on my small Clearidge scope but results are not the best. Deffo need to pick up a few tips for setting the unit up and also find out what scopes work best with these units to get the best from it. Thanks

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Re: Intro

Post by angrybear » 03 Sep 2018, 21:25

Hi, basic thing is you need a scope with focus adjustment, sidewheel is best because your hands don't get in the way, but at a push an AO will work.
Hawke Vantage, Sidewinder & Airmax 30 scopes are good with them as are many others.

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