The Distance Selling Regulations. Your Rights.

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The Distance Selling Regulations. Your Rights.

Post by PESCA » 08 May 2014, 12:09

The Distance Selling Regulations
The Distance Selling Regulations are the rules that protect your consumer rights when buying products from a distance, for example, online or over the phone. They set out information the seller must give about the goods or service on offer, including:
a description of the goods or service
the price of the goods or service
delivery and any cancellation rights
information about the seller

This information will normally be set out in the terms and conditions, but if you're buying goods over the phone the seller can provide the information verbally.

The information about the seller must include a geographical address if payment is taken. When you place an order, the seller becomes obliged by law to provide further information in writing or by email.

This includes details of how to exercise any right to cancel and who is responsible for the cost of returning goods. If the seller has already provided this information they don't need to do so again.

If the seller wants to send substitute goods, because they don't have the items you wanted in stock, it should say so before you place your order.

The cost of returning substitutes should always be at the seller’s expense.

Your right to cancel an order
The Distance Selling Regulations state that your right to cancel an order starts the moment you place your order and doesn’t end until seven working days from the day after you receive your goods.

This is the minimum consumers must be given and many sellers choose to exceed this, so always check the terms and conditions in case you have longer to return your items.

As this seven-day working period is the time you have to decide whether to cancel, by law the seller can’t say that you must have returned the goods within this time frame.

Confirmation of your cancellation should be sent by email, letter or fax.

If you're unable to cancel an order made at a distance, use our template letter to make a complaint.

The goods you can't return
There are some goods you can't return if you simply change your mind, including:
CDs, DVDs or software if you've broken the seal on the wrapping
perishable and other items that deteriorate rapidly such as food and flowers
tailor-made or personalised goods
underwear and earrings